Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Egypt, the ugly face..

People who not living in Egypt don't know so much about how its going on inside Egypt, media cannot reveal so much, Egypt showing her ugly face nowadays, she show it through her old government which is out of date, sinking in corruption, a government collected carefully from the worst business men ever came, people don't mind to do anything to keep and increase their fortunes increasing rates, even if the price is Egyptian souls, while this small group nearly owned the whole of the country, poor people who are the majority suffer from diseases, crimes, bad education, corrupted cultures and neglect, the whole country routines and procedures ended to be just serving one person mainly who is the president, along side with his servants from the corrupted government members, they treat him as an idol and based on their loyalty he give them the positions, no matter they are qualified for that or not, and mostly they are not, and when some of the corruption reach the media, its being faced by ignorance or by a silly provocative answers, simply its not a bad policy in Egypt, policy simply does not exist in Egypt while she show her ugly face!

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