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How to configure your CISCO router to authenticate from your Active Directory

Routers and switches are usually forgotten in network, we always drop them from password changes policies, so it will be a nice idea to use your active directory accounts for login to your cisco routers, here it is the steps,
It's mainly divided into two main configurations, one to be done in your domain controller( or any member server) and one to be done in your Cisco router or switch.

1- Windows configuration:
We have to configure RADIUS on a Windows memeber server or domain controller:
go to add/remove windows components:

Now you can configure IAS from the administrative tools in control panel:

right-click RADIUS Clients, and select New RADIUS Client

Name is any friendly name, and IP is the ip address for the interface which connected to the same network where the Radius server exist.

Now we have to create a remote access policy.

name it anyname ! and choose custom:

Click add and choose Windows-groups.
click add again, and choose a windows group (this group will be the only one which hav…